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ANT Cold Recycling Technology

ANT Cold Recycling technology enables the use of RAP (milled asphalt) to create road bases and surfaces. The ANT Technology is distinguished by the rejuvenation of the bitumen film contained in the RAP, which results in the formation of a monolithic and resistant material after compaction of the material.


This method eliminates the need for bituminous emulsions and foamed bitumen while also reducing the amount of cement used. This, in turn, allows for a more than half-cut in the estimated costs of cold regeneration works, as well as the resolution of a number of environmental challenges.

ANT Cold Mix Modifier

The agent ANT Cold mix modifier (further ANT Modifier) manufactured by the company ANT-Engineering is the fundamental component of the technological process. It is a complex organic preparation whose action is directed at the molecular level to performing reduction-oxidation reactions in RAP (crushed asphalt).

The ANT Modifier initiates a directed oxidation reaction on the surface of the RAP particles via the impact of molecular oxygen. As a result, the bitumen film undergoes "rejuvenation" allowing for the formation of a large number of new bitumen contacts following material compaction. Furthermore, as a result of the impact of the reduction-oxidation reaction on the particles of the mineral material, the formation of new mineral bonds occurs, resulting in an increase in the strength of the new material.

Both in concentrated form and as a water solution, the ANT Cold mix modifier is completely safe for people and the environment. Furthermore, it is neither flammable nor explosive, and it can be transported using any mode of transportation.


Why ANT Cold Recycling?

Environmental safety

The ANT Modifier is completely safe for both humans and the environment. The technology allows for the use of RAP (old asphalt) in its entirety during the production of a new cold mixture. Because of the use of the ANT Modifier, the use of a bituminous emulsion and foamed bitumen can be completely eliminated, and the use of cement can be reduced by more than half.

Lower costs

The use of the technology reduces the cost of works by more than 5% (up to 30% in selected cases) by eliminating the use of bituminous materials, decreases the quantity of cement used, and shortening the time required to complete the work.


The technology allows to combine the compounds of cold mixtures and, consequently, the materials both for the bases of roads, and for their surface layers. Work can be carried out using both recyclers and mixing plants. 

Work Execution in a Non-Stop Mode

Once the cold mixture layer has been compacted, the road can be reopened to traffic or the next stage of road construction can begin: road surfacing. It is not necessary to maintain the new layer or to halt traffic.

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