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Hot Regeneration of Asphalt

The ANT Hot Regeneration of Asphalt Technology is exceptional for a number of reasons and unmatched globally. The technology enables the production of regenerated asphalt mixtures using RAP (granulated asphaltic concrete) in amounts ranging from 30 to 99.9 percent of the total weight. This is made possible by bitumen, which is present in RAP (crushed asphalt), being rejuvenated at the molecular level. This method allows for a more than 5% (up to 30% in selected cases) reduction in the expected manufacturing cost of regenerated asphaltic concrete while also addressing a number of environmental issues.

ANT Organic Regenerator of Asphaltic Concrete

The agent ANT Regenerator is the key component of the technological procedure. This organic preparation is complex and the goal of it is to carry out reduction-oxidation processes at the molecular level in RAP (granulated asphalt). The asphaltenes' surface is damaged as a result of this process, and new, low-molecular-weight hydrocarbon compounds are created.

At a mixing temperature of 70°C, the newly formed asphalt can be compacted and gains greater rates of physical and mechanical qualities, as well as strong adherence to the cold layers. The ANT Regenerator consumes between 0.05 and 0.15 percent of the RAP weight. A intake rate of 0.1 percent of the RAP weight is advised. The substance is applied in a concentrated state. There is no need for additional bitumen or cement.

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