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Established in 2006, ANT technologies are being used for soil stabilization, cold recycling and hot regeneration of asphalt. Not only ANT is environmentally friendly but it also allows to reduce cost of road construction by more than 5% (up to 30% in selected cases). The technology can be used both to build new roads or prepare existing roads. STONEROADS is the official representative of innovative ANT technologies in the Baltic States.


Soil Stabilization

Road to scenic tower renovations

Road to scenic tower renovations

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First developed for road works in difficult climate conditions, ANT soil stabilization technology's distinctive feature is the strength of stabilised soil, low construction cost, environmental benefits and the ease of application of the technology. The technology uses ANT soil stabiliser, which is made using organic materials. ANT stabiliser at the molecular level initiates redox reaction in the soil, resulting in the formation of new crystalline compounds between individual soil particles, that’s why the soil becomes monolithic.

Hot Regeneration of Asphalt

Different to other technologies available in the world right now, ANT hot regeneration of asphalt technology rejuvenates the old bitumen and gives the asphalt new life. The main element of this technology is the preparation of ANT organic regenerator of asphaltic concrete. It is produced using natural organic matter and is safe for people and nature.

Cold recycling

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The method of road milling with recyclers produces a homogeneous material that is stabilized using various binding materials such as cement, lime, bitumen emulsions or foamed bitumen. Through the use of ANT cold recycling technology, the road structure strength increases and work cost decreases, shortening the time of production.

Why choose ANT technology

Below you'll find the three benefits of choosing road maintenance with ANT technology over the usual method. If you have questions, be sure to check out the get to know more section of the page or get in touch with us.


Using ANT soil stabilisation technology, CO2 emissions are significantly reduced.

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ANT technologies reduce cost of road construction by more than 5% (up to 30% in selected cases).

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ANT technologies can be applied in all climate zones, from the equator to the Arctic Circle.

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